Saturday, December 1, 2012

ALCS GAME 7: "Cash-ing In" - Tigers win ALCS

Game 7 - Tiger Stadium
Al Downing vs Denny McLain
After all the epic games preceding it game 7 was much anticipated.  However, as often happens in real life (and when having sex with supermodels) this game 7 was anti-climatic.  After the shell-shocked Pinstripers went down easily in the 1st the Tigers jumped on Al Downing for 4 runs in the bottom of the inning on a bases loaded walk, infield single, and "outfield" single.  The Yankees answered with a run in the 2nd on a Clete Boyer single but that was all the scoring they could muster.  Denny McLain tried to keep the score close to cover the spread for his organized crime buddies by walking 7 but the Yankees had lost all their fight, getting only 3 hits.  The Tigers scored 2 more in the 7th when series MVP Norm Cash (NORM!!!) hit a 2 run double and McLain and Doug Wickersham closed out the game and the series.  Detroit fans celebrated by sipping tea and politely clapping.  Detroit 6-1
Tigers win series 4-3
Marc did a great job getting the Yankees as far as he did, obviously I got more than a little lucky in game 6. 
--submitted by Jack Mudd Detroit Tigers--

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