Tuesday, December 10, 2013

1968 Tournament Champion–New York Mets


This was a long tough series, congrats to Mark for winning the ALCS and thanks to him for the challenging series. Ironically as Marc “Simarc” posted at the start of the tourney 'The Year of the Pitcher' and it showed in the World Series. All 7 game MVPs were pitchers.

Thanks to Marc for organizing the tourney and thanks to all the participants.

As Jerry Grote says ‘You gotta believe’ and The Amazin’s Believed and became the 1968 KOD Tourney World Champs.

--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

Editor’s Note:  Special congratulations to Bob “The Chiz” Chisholm for taking a #9 seeded Mets team that finished under .500 to the pinnacle !  Along the way he knocked off some real powerful teams managed by some top notch skippers.  Can he repeat in 1969, with everyone gunning for him ???  This time the Metsies won’t be able to sneak up on anyone and surprise the world.

WS-Game 7: “Franchise Finishes off Foe”

Game 7 – Memorial Stadium

Tom_SeaverThis is it, winner takes all. Baltimore starts Jim Hardin and New York counters with Tom Seaver and folks we have a pitching classic. In the third after Jim Hardin strikes out his counterpart Tom Seaver to start the inning he stumbles and walks Cleon Jones, walks Ed Charles and then hits Jerry Grote to load the bases. Art Shamsky then flies to center scoring Cleon Jones. The damage is been done and the Mets are up 1-0. Don Buford responds with a stand up double off the wall to left center. Tom Seaver eliminates the Orioles threat as Paul Blair flies out to left center, Frank Robinson is left swinging at air and Boog Powell flies out.   The 4th brought 3 up and 3 down. In the fifth as Tom Seaver bats he strikes out but Andy Etchebarren can't handle it and Tom Seaver makes it safely to 1st. Jim Hardin bears down gets Cleon Jones to hit it to Brooks Robinson who flings it to Davey Johnson putting out Tom Seaver on the force and turns it to Boog Powell for the double play. Ed Charles then walks, Jerry Grote singles between 1st and 2nd and Art Shamsky walks. Jim Hardin is faced with bases loaded and gets Ken Boswell to line to second. Down 1-0 that is the end of the line for Jim Hardin who is replaced by a pinch hitter in a 3 up 3 down bottom of the 5th. Wally Bunker takes to the mound and walks Ron Swoboda, JC Martin singles through the hole between 1st and 2nd. Bud Harrleson hits it to Boog Powell who turns it Davey Johnson and returns it to Boog Powell for the double play. With a runner on 3rd and a 1 run game Manager Chisholm elects to let Tom Seaver bat so he can continue to pitch and he grounds out. Tom Seaver in turn tosses a 3 up 3 down. It remains 1-0 Mets after 6.  With 1 out in the 7th Ed ‘ I hate” Charles doubles off the wall, and Jerry Grote grounds out to Wally Bunker. Art Shamsky comes to the plate and hits a hard one between Brooks Robinson and Mark Belanger scoring Ed ‘I hate’ Charles. Ken Boswell singles  to right, Wally Bunker sensing danger gets Ron Swoboda to fly out. Mets lead 2-0. Tom Seaver delivers 3 up and 3 down in the 7th and 8th. Top of the ninth Eddie Watt comes to the mound for the Orioles and the Mets go 3 up and 3 down. Bottom of the 9th do or die for the Orioles. New York gets Art_Shamsky-1968cRon Taylor and Don Shaw up in the bullpen but send Tom Seaver to the mound for the 9th. Paul Blair flies out, Frank Robinson goes down swinging. Two out and Boog Powell draws a walk. Brooks Robinson steps to the plate as the tying run. A hush goes over the crowd will Tom Seaver face Brooks Robinson or do the Mets go to the bullpen. They stay with Tom Seaver and  Brooks Robinson makes contact as the ball comes off the bat it reaches JC Martin at first who steps on the bag. 

The Amazin’s win 2-0.  It was only fitting that Tom Seaver who that started this long run with a complete game win in the qualifier against the Phillies would be the World Series Winning pitcher and Game MVP in a classic complete  3 hit game  shutout with 6Ks. In a touch of class the team asked the only remaining two from the 62 Mets Ed Kranepool and Al Jackson to receive the World Series trophy.
--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

WS-Game 6: “Tie ‘em up Tom”

Game 6 – Memorial Stadium

It’s still do or die. Manager Nixon calls on Tom Phoebus and New York counters with JimTom_Phoebus-1968 McAndrews. Coach Nixon also tells the troops we need hits, send the Mets a message. With 1 out Ed 'I hate him' Charles blasts in 422 over center. Here we go again. Not today put on those rally caps. In the bottom half Don Buford and Paul Blair swat back to back singles, Frank Robinson goes down swinging, Boog Powell doubles off the wall in right scoring both Don Buford and Paul Blair and Boog Powell advances to third on the throw. He would score when Brooks Robinson flew out to left. Orioles up 4-1. In the bottom of the 5th Paul Blair doubles off the wall in  and scores when Frank Robinson singles to left. Boog Powell singles between 3rd and short, Brooks Robinson grounds a single between 1st and 2nd. Davey Johnson singles between 1st and 2nd scoring Frank Robinson, Andy Etchebarren flies out to left and Boog Powell scores. Orioles up 7-1. With the game out of hand, Manager Chisholm leaves  Jim McAndrew in to preserve his pitchers for what looks like a showdown game 7. Baltimore wins convincingly 8-1.  Game MVP and winner Tom Phoebus goes the distance allows 4 hits, 1 run, 1 walk and 9 strikeouts, Jim McAndrew also went the distance and was shell shocked allowing 16 hits, 8 runs.
Series tied 3-3.
--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

WS-Game 5: “Selma-a-la-hamma-d”

Game 5 – Shea Stadium

Dave_McNally-1968zIt’s do or die. Manager Nixon calls on ace Dave McNally, New York counters with Dick Selma. With two out Dick Selma floats a softie over the plate and Frank Robinson deposits it 376 feet over the left field wall. New York responds with two out Jerry Grote doubles between 3rd and short, Art Swoboda singles scoring jerry Grote to tie game 1-1 after 1. In the 4th Frank hits one 381 feet over the left-center wall. The pitchers just keep dueling it out. In the 6th not to be outdone Brooks Robinson comes to the plate smacks it 352 feet over left. Baltimore leads 3-1. Pitchers keep dueling no scoring threats at all. Al Jackson replaces Dick Selma in the 9th. On this day Dave McNally is unbeatable. The Orioles stay alive winning 3-1. Game MVP Dave McNally pitched 9 innings allowing 4 hits 1 run 1 walk and 5 Ks. Dick Selma took the loss going 8 innings with 6 hits  3 runs all of which were homeruns 3 walks and 6 Ks.
Mets lead the series 3-2.
--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

WS-Game 5: “Kool-Kooooz”

Game 4 – Shea Stadium

Once again three innings of a pitchers duel Jerry Koosman and Dave Leonhard. FrankJerry_Koosman-1968d Robinson leads off the 4th with a walk, Boog Powell goes down swinging, Davey Johnson grounds out and Frank Robinson moves to 2nd. Andy Etchebarren doubles off the wall in left center giving the Orioles a 1-0 lead. The pitchers mow them down until the 6th when Ron Swoboda belts a 349 foot over left. Game tied 1-1. Roger Nelson takes over pitching duties for the Orioles. Pitchers duel it out once more. Bottom of the 9th Moe Drabowsky walks Larry Stahl. Tommie Agee pinch runs. Ed Kranepool lines a single to left and Tommie Agee advances to 3rd. Art Shamsky is intentionally walked loading the bases. JC Martin grounds to Mark Belanger who tosses it home and Andy Etchebarren tags out Tommie Agee preserving the tie. Bud Harrelson heads to third to pinch run. Cleon Jones comes to the plate with bases remaining loaded and strikes out, two down. Ed 'I hate him' Charles comes to the plate and laces a single to center. The Mets win 2-1. Winning pitcher and Game MVP Jerry Koosman goes the distance allows 5 hits, 4 walks, 1 run and 7 Ks. Moe Drabowsky takes the loss.
Mets lead series 3-1.
--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

WS-Game 3: “Tom Terrific”

Game 3 – Shea Stadium

Tom_Seaver-1968First three innings is a pitchers duel between Tom Seaver and Jim Hardin. Don Buford singles and Jerry Grote guns him down attempting to steal. An error by JC Martin puts Frank Robinson on base who goes on to score on a Boog Powell double off the left field wall. Back to the pitching duel until the 6th.  Jerry Grote walks with one out, Art Shamsky singles between 3rd and short, Ken Boswell flys out to center. Ron Swoboda earns a walk and with the bases loaded JC Martin walks scoring Jerry Grote. Bud Harrleson strikes out to end the 6th with the game tied at 1. In the 7th with two out Mark Belanger singles and pinch hitter Larry Haney reaches first on a Al Weiss error who took over from Bud Harrleson, but that is all the Orioles can muster as Tom Seaver gets Don Buford to fly out.  Eddie Watt takes over the pitching reigns for Baltimore and a return to a pitching duel. In the bottom of the 8th with one out Art Shamsky singles to right center, Gene Brabender comes to the mound and Ken Boswell lines a single up the mild and Ken Shamsky heads to third. A wild pitch and Ken Boswell scores. This comes back to haunt the Orioles. In the 9th Ron Taylor relieves Tom Seaver after Tom Seaver hits Davey Johnson. Ron Taylor strikes out the next 2 and Elrod Hendricks flies out to deep right.  The Mets win 2-1. Winning pitcher and Game MVP Tom Seaver goes 8 innings allowing 6 hits, 1 run, 1 run and 3 strikeouts. Ron Taylor earns the save, Eddie Watt takes the loss.
Mets lead the series 2-1
--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

WS-Game 2: “Our Mister Brooks”

Game 2 – Memorial Stadium

Cleon Jones walked and Ed Charles doubled scoring Cleon Jones to lead off the game.Brooks_Robinson-1968 Manager Nixon was overheard saying ' I hate Ed Charles'. With two out in the bottom of the 1st Jim McAndrew hit Frank Robinson in the ribs, Boog Powell singled over 2nd base , Brooks Robinson (3 for 4) singled to left scoring Frank Robinson. Game tied. In the third Cleon Jones singles and stole his first base of the tourney. Jerry Grote doubled off the wall scoring Cleon Jones and scored on an error by Davey Johnson. Things did not look good for starter Tom Phoebus but he settled down. In the 4th Brooks Robinson doubled off the wall, Davey Johnson singles to right, Elrod Hendricks singles to right, Mark Belanger has an infield single, even pitcher Tom Phoebus doubles off the wall. Not a good inning for Jim McAndrew who then gave Don Buford a free pass. Merv Rettenmund grounds into a double play and Frank Robinson doubles off the wall in left. Al Jackson came in to finish off the inning. Orioles lead 6-3. Both pitchers settled down allowing allowing only 1 walk between them. Baltimore went to Pete Richert in the 7th inning. In the 8th Jerry Grote sent it 321 feet over the left field wall. With 1 out in the 9th Duffy Dyer singles. Manager Nixon calls on Moe Drabowsky who got Bud Harrelson and JC Martin to ground out. Baltimore wins 6-4. Winning pitcher and Game MVP Tom Phoebus goes 6 innings allowing 4 hits, 3 walks and 4 Ks. Moe Drabowsky gets the save. Jim McAndrew takes the loss on 3 2/3 innings allows 9 hits and 6 runs. Series tied 1-1.

--submitted by Robert Chisholm--