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1968 Tournament Champion–New York Mets


This was a long tough series, congrats to Mark for winning the ALCS and thanks to him for the challenging series. Ironically as Marc “Simarc” posted at the start of the tourney 'The Year of the Pitcher' and it showed in the World Series. All 7 game MVPs were pitchers.

Thanks to Marc for organizing the tourney and thanks to all the participants.

As Jerry Grote says ‘You gotta believe’ and The Amazin’s Believed and became the 1968 KOD Tourney World Champs.

--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

Editor’s Note:  Special congratulations to Bob “The Chiz” Chisholm for taking a #9 seeded Mets team that finished under .500 to the pinnacle !  Along the way he knocked off some real powerful teams managed by some top notch skippers.  Can he repeat in 1969, with everyone gunning for him ???  This time the Metsies won’t be able to sneak up on anyone and surprise the world.

WS-Game 7: “Franchise Finishes off Foe”

Game 7 – Memorial Stadium

Tom_SeaverThis is it, winner takes all. Baltimore starts Jim Hardin and New York counters with Tom Seaver and folks we have a pitching classic. In the third after Jim Hardin strikes out his counterpart Tom Seaver to start the inning he stumbles and walks Cleon Jones, walks Ed Charles and then hits Jerry Grote to load the bases. Art Shamsky then flies to center scoring Cleon Jones. The damage is been done and the Mets are up 1-0. Don Buford responds with a stand up double off the wall to left center. Tom Seaver eliminates the Orioles threat as Paul Blair flies out to left center, Frank Robinson is left swinging at air and Boog Powell flies out.   The 4th brought 3 up and 3 down. In the fifth as Tom Seaver bats he strikes out but Andy Etchebarren can't handle it and Tom Seaver makes it safely to 1st. Jim Hardin bears down gets Cleon Jones to hit it to Brooks Robinson who flings it to Davey Johnson putting out Tom Seaver on the force and turns it to Boog Powell for the double play. Ed Charles then walks, Jerry Grote singles between 1st and 2nd and Art Shamsky walks. Jim Hardin is faced with bases loaded and gets Ken Boswell to line to second. Down 1-0 that is the end of the line for Jim Hardin who is replaced by a pinch hitter in a 3 up 3 down bottom of the 5th. Wally Bunker takes to the mound and walks Ron Swoboda, JC Martin singles through the hole between 1st and 2nd. Bud Harrleson hits it to Boog Powell who turns it Davey Johnson and returns it to Boog Powell for the double play. With a runner on 3rd and a 1 run game Manager Chisholm elects to let Tom Seaver bat so he can continue to pitch and he grounds out. Tom Seaver in turn tosses a 3 up 3 down. It remains 1-0 Mets after 6.  With 1 out in the 7th Ed ‘ I hate” Charles doubles off the wall, and Jerry Grote grounds out to Wally Bunker. Art Shamsky comes to the plate and hits a hard one between Brooks Robinson and Mark Belanger scoring Ed ‘I hate’ Charles. Ken Boswell singles  to right, Wally Bunker sensing danger gets Ron Swoboda to fly out. Mets lead 2-0. Tom Seaver delivers 3 up and 3 down in the 7th and 8th. Top of the ninth Eddie Watt comes to the mound for the Orioles and the Mets go 3 up and 3 down. Bottom of the 9th do or die for the Orioles. New York gets Art_Shamsky-1968cRon Taylor and Don Shaw up in the bullpen but send Tom Seaver to the mound for the 9th. Paul Blair flies out, Frank Robinson goes down swinging. Two out and Boog Powell draws a walk. Brooks Robinson steps to the plate as the tying run. A hush goes over the crowd will Tom Seaver face Brooks Robinson or do the Mets go to the bullpen. They stay with Tom Seaver and  Brooks Robinson makes contact as the ball comes off the bat it reaches JC Martin at first who steps on the bag. 

The Amazin’s win 2-0.  It was only fitting that Tom Seaver who that started this long run with a complete game win in the qualifier against the Phillies would be the World Series Winning pitcher and Game MVP in a classic complete  3 hit game  shutout with 6Ks. In a touch of class the team asked the only remaining two from the 62 Mets Ed Kranepool and Al Jackson to receive the World Series trophy.
--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

WS-Game 6: “Tie ‘em up Tom”

Game 6 – Memorial Stadium

It’s still do or die. Manager Nixon calls on Tom Phoebus and New York counters with JimTom_Phoebus-1968 McAndrews. Coach Nixon also tells the troops we need hits, send the Mets a message. With 1 out Ed 'I hate him' Charles blasts in 422 over center. Here we go again. Not today put on those rally caps. In the bottom half Don Buford and Paul Blair swat back to back singles, Frank Robinson goes down swinging, Boog Powell doubles off the wall in right scoring both Don Buford and Paul Blair and Boog Powell advances to third on the throw. He would score when Brooks Robinson flew out to left. Orioles up 4-1. In the bottom of the 5th Paul Blair doubles off the wall in  and scores when Frank Robinson singles to left. Boog Powell singles between 3rd and short, Brooks Robinson grounds a single between 1st and 2nd. Davey Johnson singles between 1st and 2nd scoring Frank Robinson, Andy Etchebarren flies out to left and Boog Powell scores. Orioles up 7-1. With the game out of hand, Manager Chisholm leaves  Jim McAndrew in to preserve his pitchers for what looks like a showdown game 7. Baltimore wins convincingly 8-1.  Game MVP and winner Tom Phoebus goes the distance allows 4 hits, 1 run, 1 walk and 9 strikeouts, Jim McAndrew also went the distance and was shell shocked allowing 16 hits, 8 runs.
Series tied 3-3.
--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

WS-Game 5: “Selma-a-la-hamma-d”

Game 5 – Shea Stadium

Dave_McNally-1968zIt’s do or die. Manager Nixon calls on ace Dave McNally, New York counters with Dick Selma. With two out Dick Selma floats a softie over the plate and Frank Robinson deposits it 376 feet over the left field wall. New York responds with two out Jerry Grote doubles between 3rd and short, Art Swoboda singles scoring jerry Grote to tie game 1-1 after 1. In the 4th Frank hits one 381 feet over the left-center wall. The pitchers just keep dueling it out. In the 6th not to be outdone Brooks Robinson comes to the plate smacks it 352 feet over left. Baltimore leads 3-1. Pitchers keep dueling no scoring threats at all. Al Jackson replaces Dick Selma in the 9th. On this day Dave McNally is unbeatable. The Orioles stay alive winning 3-1. Game MVP Dave McNally pitched 9 innings allowing 4 hits 1 run 1 walk and 5 Ks. Dick Selma took the loss going 8 innings with 6 hits  3 runs all of which were homeruns 3 walks and 6 Ks.
Mets lead the series 3-2.
--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

WS-Game 5: “Kool-Kooooz”

Game 4 – Shea Stadium

Once again three innings of a pitchers duel Jerry Koosman and Dave Leonhard. FrankJerry_Koosman-1968d Robinson leads off the 4th with a walk, Boog Powell goes down swinging, Davey Johnson grounds out and Frank Robinson moves to 2nd. Andy Etchebarren doubles off the wall in left center giving the Orioles a 1-0 lead. The pitchers mow them down until the 6th when Ron Swoboda belts a 349 foot over left. Game tied 1-1. Roger Nelson takes over pitching duties for the Orioles. Pitchers duel it out once more. Bottom of the 9th Moe Drabowsky walks Larry Stahl. Tommie Agee pinch runs. Ed Kranepool lines a single to left and Tommie Agee advances to 3rd. Art Shamsky is intentionally walked loading the bases. JC Martin grounds to Mark Belanger who tosses it home and Andy Etchebarren tags out Tommie Agee preserving the tie. Bud Harrelson heads to third to pinch run. Cleon Jones comes to the plate with bases remaining loaded and strikes out, two down. Ed 'I hate him' Charles comes to the plate and laces a single to center. The Mets win 2-1. Winning pitcher and Game MVP Jerry Koosman goes the distance allows 5 hits, 4 walks, 1 run and 7 Ks. Moe Drabowsky takes the loss.
Mets lead series 3-1.
--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

WS-Game 3: “Tom Terrific”

Game 3 – Shea Stadium

Tom_Seaver-1968First three innings is a pitchers duel between Tom Seaver and Jim Hardin. Don Buford singles and Jerry Grote guns him down attempting to steal. An error by JC Martin puts Frank Robinson on base who goes on to score on a Boog Powell double off the left field wall. Back to the pitching duel until the 6th.  Jerry Grote walks with one out, Art Shamsky singles between 3rd and short, Ken Boswell flys out to center. Ron Swoboda earns a walk and with the bases loaded JC Martin walks scoring Jerry Grote. Bud Harrleson strikes out to end the 6th with the game tied at 1. In the 7th with two out Mark Belanger singles and pinch hitter Larry Haney reaches first on a Al Weiss error who took over from Bud Harrleson, but that is all the Orioles can muster as Tom Seaver gets Don Buford to fly out.  Eddie Watt takes over the pitching reigns for Baltimore and a return to a pitching duel. In the bottom of the 8th with one out Art Shamsky singles to right center, Gene Brabender comes to the mound and Ken Boswell lines a single up the mild and Ken Shamsky heads to third. A wild pitch and Ken Boswell scores. This comes back to haunt the Orioles. In the 9th Ron Taylor relieves Tom Seaver after Tom Seaver hits Davey Johnson. Ron Taylor strikes out the next 2 and Elrod Hendricks flies out to deep right.  The Mets win 2-1. Winning pitcher and Game MVP Tom Seaver goes 8 innings allowing 6 hits, 1 run, 1 run and 3 strikeouts. Ron Taylor earns the save, Eddie Watt takes the loss.
Mets lead the series 2-1
--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

WS-Game 2: “Our Mister Brooks”

Game 2 – Memorial Stadium

Cleon Jones walked and Ed Charles doubled scoring Cleon Jones to lead off the game.Brooks_Robinson-1968 Manager Nixon was overheard saying ' I hate Ed Charles'. With two out in the bottom of the 1st Jim McAndrew hit Frank Robinson in the ribs, Boog Powell singled over 2nd base , Brooks Robinson (3 for 4) singled to left scoring Frank Robinson. Game tied. In the third Cleon Jones singles and stole his first base of the tourney. Jerry Grote doubled off the wall scoring Cleon Jones and scored on an error by Davey Johnson. Things did not look good for starter Tom Phoebus but he settled down. In the 4th Brooks Robinson doubled off the wall, Davey Johnson singles to right, Elrod Hendricks singles to right, Mark Belanger has an infield single, even pitcher Tom Phoebus doubles off the wall. Not a good inning for Jim McAndrew who then gave Don Buford a free pass. Merv Rettenmund grounds into a double play and Frank Robinson doubles off the wall in left. Al Jackson came in to finish off the inning. Orioles lead 6-3. Both pitchers settled down allowing allowing only 1 walk between them. Baltimore went to Pete Richert in the 7th inning. In the 8th Jerry Grote sent it 321 feet over the left field wall. With 1 out in the 9th Duffy Dyer singles. Manager Nixon calls on Moe Drabowsky who got Bud Harrelson and JC Martin to ground out. Baltimore wins 6-4. Winning pitcher and Game MVP Tom Phoebus goes 6 innings allowing 4 hits, 3 walks and 4 Ks. Moe Drabowsky gets the save. Jim McAndrew takes the loss on 3 2/3 innings allows 9 hits and 6 runs. Series tied 1-1.

--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

1968 World Series–Game 1: “Ryan’s Express”

Game 1 – Memorial Stadium

Nolan_Ryan-1968eThe kid was nervous as were the Orioles. After striking out Cleon Jones, Dave McNally gave up a single to Ed Charles,  left Jerry Grote swinging at air, but an error by Mark Belanger and a hit batsman Greg Goossen left the bases loaded. Dave McNally regained composure and got his 3rd K of the inning fanning Tommie Agee. Nolan Ryan on the other hand was 3 up and 3 down. In the 2nd it was Nolan Ryan’s turn to load the bases with Boog Powell and Brooks Robinson singles, Davey Johnson whiffed, and Andy Etchebarren walked loading the bases., Mark Belanger popped up to Greg Goossen and Dave McNally struck-out. In the 3rd Ed Charles lead off with a 323 blast over the left field wall. The pitchers took control over through 8 innings neither pitcher faced more than 4 batters and no base runner advanced past 2nd base. We had a pitching deul going on. In the top of the ninth with Moe Drabowsky pitching Ron Swoboda doubled off the wall to lead off the inning, Greg Goossen sacrifice bunted him to third. Tommy Agee flew out to left and Ron Swoboda made a dash for home, Don Buford threw with all his might when the dust settled Andy Etchebarren held up the ball and the ump yelled 'You're out'. Bottom of the ninth Boog Powell leads off with a walk. Nolan Ryan strikes out Brooks Robinson but Manager Chisholm went to the mound and called on Ron Taylor. It worked. Davey Johnson popped to short and Andy Etchebarren lined to third. The Amazings win 1-0. Winning pitcher and Game MVP Nolan Ryan went 8 1/3 innings allowing 3 hits, 4 walks with 7 Ks. Ron Taylor was credited with the save. Dave McNally went 8 innings allowing 4 hits 0 walks and 9 Ks but got the loss. Mets lead the series 1-0.

--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

1968 Tournament World Series: Mets(9) vs O’s(2)


The two managers strolled out and met with the umpires at home plate. This meeting was a year early as the Mets and Orioles are not supposed to meet until 1969. They shook hands, handed the umpires the starting lineups and wished each other good luck". Thus begins the 1968 World Series. The Orioles Manager Nixon with four days rest between series opted to go with their ace Dave McNally, but who would the Mets start with only one day rest start? Mets Manager Chisholm walked up to the young kid once again. The kid looked up "Me again". Yes Nolan. Nolan had only one other start in this tourney against none other than Bob Gibson. Jerry Grote came over put his arm around the kid and said "You gotta’ believe in yourself, Coach Chisholm does".

--submitted by Robert Chisholm--

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Rd3-Game 5: “O’s Take Series, Setting Up A Prequel with the Mets”

Game 5

Fenway Park, Boston

38 degrees, wind at 5mph in from left-center field.

Baltimore: Dave McNally

Cleveland: Ray Culp


Frank_Robinson-1968eIn a rematch of the team’s aces, Baltimore jumped out to a 10-0 lead by the top of the 5th inning and never looked back.  Frank Robinson opened the scoring with a two-run shot over the Monster at Fenway in the top of the first.  Baltimore added 1 in the third on a bases load hit batter.  In the 4 and 5th innings Baltimore added another 7 runs against Culp on a combined 4 singles, 5 walks and second hit batter by Culp who struggled with his control before yielding to Jerry Stephenson and Lee Stange. Boston avoided the shutout when Carl Yastrzemski lead off the 9th against a tiring McNally with a mammoth shot to deep centerfield (425 feet), but it was too little, too late as McNally went the distance lowering his tournament ERA to 1.04.

Orioles Win Series 4-1


Well played series, a lot of fun to play, no lead appeared to be safe.  Well played by Andy

--submitted by Mark Nixon--

Rd3-Game 4: “Baltimore Again Gets Off To A Fast Start”

Game 4

Fenway Park, Boston  68 degrees

Baltimore: Tom Phoebus

Cleveland: Juan Pizarro


Baltimore touched Boston starter Juan bizarre for 4 runs in the top of the third ledBrooks_Robinson-1968d by a two run home run by Don Buford, and RBI double by Brooks Robinson and an RBI single by Davey Johnson.  In the 5th Baltimore added another run on a bases loaded walk to Andy Etchebarren.  Boston opened it’s coring with 1 run in the bottom half of the 5th as Juan Pizarro opened the inning with a single, moved to second a another Mark Belanger error on a Mike Andrews ground ball and scored on a Carl Yastrzemski single before Ken Harrelson grounded out to end the inning.  Boston added another run in the 7th as did Baltimore in the top of the 8th.  In the ninth the teams traded 3 run innings against the tiring relief corps before the game came to an end with Baltimore on the winning side 9-5.

Orioles lead series 3-1

--submitted by Mark Nixon--

Rd3-Game 3: “Off to Baahstaan !”

Game 3
Fenway Park, Boston  61 degrees and 5 mph wind out to RF
Baltimore: Wally Bunker
Cleveland:  Gary Bell

Jerry_Adair-1968The series headed to Bean Town and another 11 inning duel.  Baltimore did all of their scoring in the top of the 4th against Boston starter Bell, scoring 7 times on 3 singles, a double, 3 walks and a hit batter.  Unfortunately, Baltimore pitching was not up to the task on this day and the lead was squandered away over the next three innings as Boston fought back and forced this game into extra innings on nine singles against Bunker and John Morris.  Baltimore shortstop committed an uncharacteristic 2 errors in this one, giving him 3 for the series to date.  Big blows for Boston came from Carl Yastrzemski and Rico Petrocelli during the rally.  With both starters long gone the game was turned over to the bullpens.  On  this day, Boston’s pen outdueled the Boys of Baltimore.  In the bottom of the 11th, Reggie Smith lead off with a single to centerfield off of Pete Richert, and moved to second on a sac bunt by Mike Andrews.  Richert enticed Yaz to fly out to shallow center before issuing an intentional walk Ken Harrelson to get to light hitting Jerry Adair.  Adair promptly lined a single to left and Smith scored the game winner for Boston.  Baltimore leads series 2-1
--submitted by Mark Nixon--

Rd 3-Game 2: “Baltimore Comes Back to Win a Tight One”

Game 2
Memorial Stadium, Baltimore
65 degrees, wind at 15mph out to left field
Boston:  Dick Ellsworth
Baltimore: Jim Hardin

Boston hitters wasted no time in game two, jumping on Baltimore starter Jim Hardin for 4Don_Buford-1968e runs in the top of the 2nd.  Boston pushed all of their runs across the plate on 5 singles, a passed ball and a sacrifice fly by Reggie Smith before Hardin was able to close out the inning by enticing Carl Yastrzemski to pop to short stop and Ken Harrelson to fly out to deep left field.    Boston extended the lead with another run off Hardin in the 3rd on 3 more singles and a walk, the run scoring on a single to center by George Scott and an error by the Baltimore centerfielder Merv Rettenmund.  Starting the 4th inning, Baltimore replaced starter Jim Hardin with long relief man Roger Nelson who would pitch5 innings of scoreless ball to allow Baltimore to climb back into this one.  Baltimore broke through for 2 in the bottom of the 4th as Mark Belanger lined a bases loaded single up the middle scoring Brooks Robinson and Boog Powell before Reggie Smith threw out Davey Johnson trying to go from first base to third.  The Orioles added two more in the top of the 8th on a Boog Powell two run homer to left center, his second in two games.  Heading into the 9th Boston held a 1 run lead with Sparky Lyle on the mound.  Larry Haney, pinch hitting for Mark Belanger, started the inning with a single through the infield.  Boston then brought in relief man Lee Stange to face Paul Blair.  Blair sacrifice bunted pinch runner Dave May to second before Don Buford lined a triple down the right field line to tie the game at 5 before Strange pitched his way out of the inning.  In extra innings, Don Buford again came through for Baltimore with a two run, walk off home run to left center against Boston hurler John Landis.  Buford’s hit gave him 3 on the day, lacking only a double to have hit for the cycle.
Baltimore leads series 2-0
--submitted by Mark Nixon--

Round 3–Game 1: “Two Aces Go Toe to Toe”

Game 1 
Memorial Stadium, Baltimore 69 degrees, light rain
Boston: Ray Culp
Baltimore:  Dave McNally

Merv_Rettenmund-1968eThe series opened on a cool day with rain in Baltimore.  The O’s got off to a quck start against Boston starter Ray Culp as Boog Powell knocked in Merv Rettenmund with a two run homer to right center in the bottom of the 1st.   The game then settled into a pitcher’s duel until the bottom of the 5th when Baltimore struck for 3 more runs against Culp on 4 singles, a walk and a fielder’s choice.  The scoring was over in this one until Boston broke through against McNally for 1 in the top of the 8th on doubles by Reggie Smith and “Hawk” Harrelson before Gene Brabender came on in relief of a tiring McNally.
Baltimore leads series 1-0

--submitted by Mark Nixon

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Rd 3-Game 7: “Art Deco’d”

Koosman vs Blass
Mets 9, Pirates 2

Art_Shamsky-1968cJerry Koosman survived a bumpy second inning to throw blanks the rest of the way and eliminate the Bucs in a clutch Game 7 road victory.  Pirate ace Steve Blass allowed the Amazin's to score in 3 of the 4 innings that he was on the hill.  New York set the pace with 3 opening inning tallies.  Ken Boswell's RBI single sent Cleon Jones around to score.  Art Shamsky would score on a sac fly by Swoboda and Boswell would score on Ed Kranepool's liner up the middle.  An uncharacteristic error by slick fielding shortstop Bud Harrelson gave the Bucs their first run of the day in the 2nd and Fred Patek's grounder up the middle made it 3-2.  Koosman would not allow another run the rest of the day.  New York would go up by two when Shamsky homered to lead off the 3rd and go up by 4 when Koosman doubled home Kranepool and Shamsky (3-5, 2 RBI) singled home Kooz.  Three more Met runs in the 9th provided a 7 run margin of victory.  New York caps off an incredible run through the NL Bracket as the 9th seed, to get to the finals vs the winner of the Boston/Baltimore series.  Special recognition has to go to Robert “the Chiz” Chisholm for managing the Mets as if his name was Hodges.  I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t throw out a huge compliment to Marc “Don’t spell it with a K” Becker, who took a 6th seeded Pirate team to a decisive game 7.  Lots of bracket busters in the NL that’s for sure !
Mets win series 4-3

Rd 3-Game 6: “Lucky 13”

GAME 6 - Forbes Field
Seaver vs Moose
Pirates 2, Mets 1 (13 inn)

Poor Tom Seaver.  He gives up just 1 unearned run in 10 2/3 innings and he can't evenMaury_Wills-1968 get a win.  You can't be anymore terrific than Tom was today.  Facing elimination the Bucs trotted out 6 pitchers and treated every AB as if it was their last.  They broke a scoreless tie in the 7th when Maz reached base on an error by his opposite number Ken Boswell.  A single by Gene Alley put runners on the corners.  Maz would score when Jerry Grote was caught napping and a ball in the dirt rolled right by him.  Could the Bucs make that one run stand up ?  The answer was yes, until the top of the 9th when Seaver bunted home Agee on a perfectly timed squeeze play.  New York was incapable of scoring in their 4 at bats in extra innings.  Pittsburgh was finally able to scratch across a run on a sac fly hit to shallow center by Maury Wills, that scored Gene Alley in the bottom of the 13th to force a decisive game 7.
Series tied 3-3

Rd 3–Game 5: “5 run 4th does in Bucs”

Veale vs McAndrew
Mets 5, Pirates 3

Jim_McAndrew-1968dWith all the pitching depth that the Mets have it was no shock that they went to their 5th starter, Jim McAndrew in Game 5.  Pittsburgh went with their Game 2 starter Bob Veale, who once again turned in a dreadful performance (5 runs in 3 2/3 IP).  New York broke a scoreless tie by batting around in the bottom of the 4th.  Buddy Harrelson supplied the Mets 4th consecutive single in the inning, which knocked in Swoboda and Agee.  McAndrew's bunt scored J.C. Martin.  The Glider singled Harrelson home and a wild pitch allowed Charles to plate the 5th run.  The Bucs got 2 in the 6th tom cut the lead to 3 and when Willie Stargell homered to lead off the 8th the lead was now down to 2.  That homer was off of Ron Taylor, who relieved McAndrew with one out in the 7th.  Taylor got out of the 8th without any additional damage, then pitched a perfect 9th to lock the game down.
Mets lead series 3-2

Rd3-Game 4: “All’s well that Card’s-well”

Ellis vs Cardwell
Mets 4, Pirates 0

Revenge is a dish best served cold.  And cold is just the way to describe the Pirate batsDon_Cardwell-1968z when former Buc Don Cardwell took the hill today vs his old mates.  Cardwell like so many others felt like he was banished to baseball's black hole of Calcutta when he was dealt to the lowly Mets.  Tossing 7 1/3 shutout innings vs his old mates was a huge boost to his ego and a huge confidence builder for the Amazin's who avoided going down 3-1 in the series.  Cardwell nursed a 1 run lead that Ken Boswell's RBI single in the 4th registered.  In the 6th the Mets' bats bumped that lead to 4-0.  RBI doubles by the Glider and Art Shamsky were followed by a Stahl sac fly.  Cal Koonce got the final 5 outs.  Shamsky was a perfect 4 for 4 at the plate, which included 2 doubles.
Series tied 2-2

Rd3-Game 3– “May-Day”

GAME 3 - Shea Stadium
Blass vs Selma
Pirates 5, Mets 2

Jerry_May-1968zCleon Jones and Ed "The Glider" Charles hit back to back homers to lead off the game for the Amazin's as the series moved to Flushing.  Met starter Dick Selma gave those two runs back plus two more as the Bucs scored 4 in the top of the 2nd.  An RBI double by Bill Mazeroski and a 3 run shot by backup catcher Jerry May did the damage.  Maz's RBI single in the 8th added an additional run to make it 5-2, which wound up being the final score.
Pirates lead series 2-1

Rd 3–Game 2: “Cal’s Cool-Edge”

Koosman vs Veale
Mets 7, Pirates 6

Rookie Jerry Koosman was handed a 6-1 lead and all looked good until the Bucs eruptedCal_Koonce-1968z for 5 runs in the bottom of the 7th to tie the game.  Future Met Donn Clendenon's 3 run blast ignited the stoic Forbes Field crowd.  Luke Walker, Pittsburgh's 6th pitcher on the day, faced the Amazin's in the top of the 9th and let his guard down and served up a lead off single to Met reliever Cal Koonce, who scored on a a 3 out single by hard nosed catcher Jerry Grote.  Koonce, who was perfect in the 8th inning, repeated his output in the 9th to get the win.  Both teams combined for 26 hits.  Pirate leadoff man Maury Wills was 4 for 5 with 2 runs scored in this losing effort.
Series tied 1-1

Round 3: Mets vs Pirates–GAME 1 “Bucs Blank Amazin’s”

GAME 1 - Forbes Field
Seaver vs Ellis
Pirates 1, Mets 0

Dock_Ellis-1968eMaury Wills tripled with one out in the bottom of the 5th, then scored on a sac fly to left by Matty Alou.  When all the dust cleared that would be the game's lone tally.  Dock Ellis allowed just 4 hits and nary a run in 7 innings.  Ron Kline was perfect in 2 innings of relief to gain his 6th save of the tournament.  Tom Seaver, who went 8 and gave up just 1 run, was the hard luck loser.  Tom Terrific fanned 7, but did not get any run support.  The Bucs draw first blood in this best of 7 “Final 4” series.
Pirates lead series 1-0

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Round 2: Red Sox (4) upset Tigers (1) by going to the wire in 5 games.

GAME 1 - Tiger Stadium
Santiago vs McLain
Red Sox 2, Tigers 1

Jose_Santiago-1968fOut of nowhere Jose Santiago had the game of his life (8 IP / 1 ER) to outduel 1968 AL Cy Young Winner Denny McLain (9 IP / 2 ER).  With the game tied at 1-1 Rico Petrocelli singled with one out in the top of the 9th.  Former Yankee Elston Howard turned the clock back and doubled to put runners on 2nd and 3rd.  The Boomer, George Scott hit a shot to the warning track that Willie Horton easily camped under.  Petro tagged up and easily scored to make it 2-1 Red Sox.  Santiago, who was light out, was lifted for a pinch hitter and replaced by Sparky Lyle who was able to get his slider working when he needed it the most.  With runners on 1st and 2nd and only one out Lyle got Norm Cash to hit into a tailor made 3-6-3 DP to end it and draw first blood in favor of the boys from Beantown.
Red Sox lead series 1-0

Culp vs Wilson
Tigers 8, Red Sox 2
"The K-Line"Al_Kaline-1968

On the heels of a big 6 run bottom of the 3rd the Tigers beat up on Boston starter Ray Culp and coasted easily to victory.  Veteran All-Star Al Kaline was a perfect 3 for 3 with a triple.  Pitcher Earl Wilson (6 IP / 2 ER) also chipped in a homer.  Jim Northrup also went deep.  John Wyatt and Lasher were perfect in relief of Wilson over the final 3 innings.
Series tied 1-1

GAME 3 - Fenway Park
Lolich vs Ellsworth
Red Sox 4, Tigers 2
"To Ells and Back"

Dick_Ellsworth-1968dTime and time again the Tigers would call on the "Fat man", Mickey Lolich, to save their season.  In a short 5 game series game 3 is pivotal and Detroit needed Lolich to come up big.  Instead aging veteran Dick Ellsworth (8 IP / 2 ER) was the hurler of the day.  Lolich gutted his way through 6 innings while fanning 9, but he walked 5 and allowed 3 runs on 7 hits.  His performance was gutsy, but the Tigers needed "lights out" and today wasn't one of those days for him.  Carl Yastrzemski (3-4) had an RBI and a run scored to support Ellsworth.  Strange and Lyle combined to close out the Tigers in the bottom of the 9th.
Tigers lead series 2-1

Sparma vs G. Bell
Tigers 9, Red Sox 7
"Horton gives a Who"

Tiger starter Joe Sparma was victimized for 4 runs in theWillie_Horton-1968 second and promptly removed.  Pat Dobson gave up 3 more in the 6th and just like that the Tigers season was all but dead down 7-0 with 3 frames left.  At that moment the #1 seed got the wake up call and began using their lumber as weapons.  3 runs in the top of the 7th ended Gary "Ding Dong" Bell's day.  Bell was pitching a shutout for 6 innings, but couldn't get the 3rd out in the 7th before being sent tot he pine.  In the 8th the Tigers posted another 3 spot and just like that it was a one run game.  Boston sent Lee strange out in the 9th to close it out and preserve the one run lead.  After getting Green to fly out to lead off the inning, Strange butchered a comebacker from Mickey Stanley, then walked Kaline.  The crushing blow would be a 3 run shot by Willie Horton, who padded his late inning heroics resume after hitting a 2 run shot the previous inning.  Fred Lasher, who pitched a perfect 8th inning duplicated his efforts in the 9th to get the win and give Detroit an improbable comeback victory.
Series tied 2-2

GAME 5 - Tiger Stadium
Santiago vs McLain
Red Sox 4, Tigers 2

Yaz going deep
In a rematch of game 1 starters the unheralded Jose Santiago once again got the best of Denny McLain and the Red Sox upset the Tigers to head to the final 4.  Santiago, who threw 8 shutout innings fanned 5, walked 3 and allowed just 1 run on 2 hits.  On the other side of the ledger McLain gave up 4 runs in 8 innings, not exactly the kind of linescore you expect from a man who won 31 regular season games en route to one of the most dominating pitching performances in the modern era.  Some may speculate that Denny might have had a wager or two on the game or owed someone something, but this reporter emphatically can not believe that with a huge spotlight shining on him on the grandest of stages, that he would not give it his all.  Boston built their lead with a two out solo shot by Yaz in the first and another two out blast in the 4th, this one from Hawk Harrelson.  Then in the top of the 8th the gopher ball did McLain in twice.  First Reggie Smith went deep with one out and then Yaz duplicated his inning one result with his 3rd hit of the game (he also doubled in the 6th).  Like so many times the previous season, during the Red Sox "Incredible Dream" run, Yaz came up big in all the big moments.  All that was left to do was to have Santiago close the door on the Tigers in the 9th, which sounds a lot easier to do than it is.  Getting those final 3 outs are the toughest, especially when you are facing a team that is going for it's 3rd consecutive tournament championship.  Champions do not go down easily.  To quote the vernacular of boxing, "you have to knock out the champ".  Boston's 4 homers and Santiago's 8 shutout innings put the champ on the ropes, but champ was going to go down swinging that's for sure.  The 9th started out with Al Kaline grounding weakly to second for the first out.  When Willie Horton walked on 4 successive pitches Juan Pizarro was brought on to get lefty Norm Cash, who popped out to first.  Down to their last out the Tigers were still swinging just like champs do.  Bill Freehan doubled off the wall in left center to put runners on 2nd and 3rd.  Lenny Green singled to right center to plate both runners andSparky_Lyle-1968 make it a 4-2 game.  Bill Wert hit a bullet into left to put runners on the corners.  Those 3 successive hits came at the expense of Jim Lonborg, who was so fantastic the previous season (1967), yet so horrible this year.  Lonborg would have been the sentimental choice to get the final out, but Boston had no margin for error with the tying run now on 1st.  Sparky Lyle, who wound up saving all 3 Boston wins in the series, was brought on to face Earl Wilson, who can flat out rake.  Forget that Wilson is normally a pitcher.  In 1968 he hit 8 homers and the Lyle didn't want any part of him and his ability to win this game with 1 swing, so he gave him an intentional pass.  That brought up Dick McAuliffe with the bases loaded and two outs.  With the season on the line McAuliffe worked the count to 3-2 then proceeded to foul off a succession of strike 3 pitches hoping to stave off elimination and not make the final out of the series.  Finally a Lyle slider was grounded to Joe Foy at third.  Foy fielded it cleanly and pegged a bullet to Scott at first for the final out.
Red Sox win series 3-2

Monday, December 2, 2013

Round 2: Baltimore (2) Take 3 of 4 From Tribe (3)

Game 1  A Story of Two Aces 
Memorial Stadium, Baltimore 83 degrees, threatening skies
Cleveland: Sam McDowell
Baltimore: Dave McNally

Dave_McNally-1968zA classic pitching duel loomed under threatening skies in Charm City.  Sudden Sam McDowell would pitch 8 innings and strike out 8 before losing to the Orioles 4-1.  Baltimore opened the scoring against McDowell in the second on a Davey Johnson triple to right center field and a 414 foot home run by Baltimore catcher Andy Etchebarren.  Baltimore got to McDowell again for 1 in the fifth on a Mark Belanger single, a bunt and then an RBI single by Don Buford.  Cleveland answered back in the top of the 6th against Dave McNally with a solo HR (417 feet) to centerfield by 3rd baseman Max Alvis.  Baltimore added on more in the 8th on a Frank Robinson home run down the short left field line.  Both starters went the distance.

Game 2  The Indians Take Control
Memorial Stadium, Baltimore 78 degrees
Cleveland:  Sonny Siebert
Baltimore: Jim Hardin

This day belonged to Sonny Siebert who kept the Baltimore hitters completely baffledSonny_Siebert-1968d all day and with a few more breaks might have thrown a no-hitter.   Cleveland got off to a quick start with 3 runs in the first 2 innings against Baltimore starter Jim Hardin.  Cleveland scored 2 in the first on a Jose Cardenal walk, a fielders choice, a Lou Johnson triple and a Tony Horton sacrifice fly to deep right center field.  The Tribe added another run in the second on a Vern Fuller triple and a sac fly, again to deep right center, by Max Alvis.  Baltimore finally broke through in the bottom of the 6th when Mark Belanger led off with a single, moved to second on a bunt and scored on a Merv Rettenmund single…..this was to be the only run Baltimore would score all day.  Cleveland added 3 more in the top of the 7th on a wlak, triple and two singles to chase Hardin.  Sonny Siebert dominated the rest of the way ending the game with 8 strikeouts.

Game 3  Series Moves to the Mistake By The Lake
Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland  71 degrees and 10 mph wind in from CF
Baltimore: Tom Phoebus
Cleveland: Luis Tiant

Andy_Etchebarren-1968A total of 8 hits were scattered about by the pitchers for both teams.  It took six innings before Baltimore was able to break through with 2 runs against El Tiante on a Don Buford single, a Paul Blair walk and an RBI single by Frank Robinson.  Boog Powell then followed with a sac fly to center.  Both starters went 8 innings with the score remaining Baltimore 2 Cleveland 0 as both starters yielded only 3 hits each.  In the top of the 9th, Vincent Romo came on in relief of Tiant and gave up a run to Baltimore on an Andy Etchebarren home run.  Eddie Watt then came in to make the game interesting by Walking Jose Cardenal and giving up a single to Russ Snyder.  However Duke Sims was enticed into a 1-4-3 double play before Watt got Tony Horton to ground out to Mark Belanger to end the game.

Game 4  Baltimore Gets Off To A Fast Start
Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland  70 degrees and 5 mph out to RF
Baltimore: Wally Bunker
Cleveland: Stan Williams

Baltimore opened up game 4 with 4 runs in the top of the first with the key hit being a 3Frank_Robinson-1968e run homer by Davey Johnson off Stan Williams.  In the third, Baltimore added 2 more runs off a Frank Robinson solo home run, a Brooks Robinson double and an RBI single by Davey Johnson.  In the 4th, Baltimore staked itself to an 8-0 lead when Don Buford walked, Merv Rettenmund doubled to right center and Frank Robinson singled in both Buford and Rettenmund to close out the Baltimore scoring for the day.  Baltimore veteran hurler Wally Bunker held the Indians in check for five innings before giving up 2 runs in the 6th on a Tony Horton home run down the left field line.  With that, the series scoring came to an end and Baltimore took the series 3-1.
Well played series, a lot of fun to play.  Well played by Bill.
--submitted by Mark Nixon--

Friday, November 29, 2013

Round 2: Bucs (6) upset Jints (2) in 5 game thriller

GAME 1 - Candlestick Park
Veale vs Marichal
Pirates 7, Giants 6

“Juan Gone”

Willie_Stargell-1968zBob Veale was bad, but thankfully for him and the Bucs Juan Marichal was worse.  Both hurlers couldn't keep the opposing team from the big inning.  First the Bucs got 3 in the 3rd, then the Jints fot 4 in the 4th.  The Bucs answered right back with 4 in the 5th and the Dominican Dandy was heading for the showers.  The Jints chipped away for 2 solo runs in the 5th and 6th to make it a 1 run game, but reliever Ron Kline got the final 4 outs and his 4th save of the tournament.  Donn Clendenon and Willie Stargell both hit big home runs and knocked in 3 apiece.  Marichal is very susceptible to the long ball and the Bucs know how to hit 'em.
Pirates lead series 1-0

Blass vs Perry
Giants 3, Pirates 1

“Say Hey, Say bye bye”Gaylord_Perry-1968c

The Say Hey Kid, Willie Mays, hit a 2 run shot with one out in the bottom of the 7th to break a 1-1 tie.  Gaylord Perry loaded up that heavy ball real good for 8 innings and Frank Linzy closed it out in the 9th.
Series tied 1-1

GAME 3 - Forbes Field
Sadecki vs Moose
Pirates 2, Giants 1


Ron_Kline-1968After 6 scoreless innings the Jints took a 1-0 lead on a squeeze bunt from Ron Hunt.  Ironically Hunt, a second baseman by trade bunted home Ray Sadecki (a pitcher) who led off the inning with a double.  Sadecki, who was on base 2 of 3 times today forgot that his primary role was that of a pitcher as he allowed the Bucs to score 2 runs in the bottom of the inning to lose his 1 run lead.  Back to back RBI singles by Maury Wills and Roberto Clemente put the home team ahead for good.  Ron Kline once again performed his magic with 2 scoreless frames for his 5th save of the tournament.
Pirates lead series 2-1

Marichal vs Veale
Giants 4, Pirates 3 (10 inn)

“Simply A-Mays-in”Willie_Mays-1968z

"Must win" pressure was squarely on the back of ace right Juan Marichal, who gutted his way thought 6 2/3 innings and left the game with a 3-2 lead.  The Bucs scratched out an unearned run off of Gibbon in the 8th and when neither team scored in the 9th extra innings were on the docket.  Pinch hitter Dave Marshall led off the top of the 10th with a clean single off reliever Tommie Sisk.  Bobby Bonds forced him at second, but made up for his lack of situational hitting by immediately pilfering second.  Ron Hunt struck out for the second out of the inning.  Sisk tried to pitch around Willie Mays, but the Say Hey kid lined one to right center to put the Jints up. 4-3.  Frank Linzy pitched a near perfect bottom of the 10th for his 2nd save of the series.
Series tied 2-2

GAME 5 - Candlestick Park
Blass vs Perry
Pirates 6, Giants 3

“Big Mac Slacks”

Game5Game 5's, when they are elimination games, are filled with a lot of tension which puts each pitcher under acute duress.  Both Steve Blass and Gaylord Perry were rock solid.  Unfortunately for Perry his defense didn't return the favor.  San Fran made 3 huge errors, with none being larger than the folly perpetrated by Willie McCovey in the 7th.  With one out and 1 on and the Bucs up by just a run Big Mac booted a Matty Alou grounder to put runners on 1st and 2nd.  Up stepped Roberto Clemente (3-5), who launched a 0-1 offering 406 feet over the chain link fence to make it a 5-1 game.  A mere 338 foot solo blast by Willie Stargell 2 batters later put the exclamation point on the Jints sentence.  Fault reliever Mike McCormick for the long balls, but lay equal blame on Stretch McCovey for his gaffe.  The Bucs went to trusty reliever Ron Kline to get the final 8 outs.  Kline closed it out, but not before making it interesting by allowing 2 runs in his first inning of work.  The rest was smooth sailing as the Bucs (#6) upset the #2 seed Jints in a 5 game thriller.  Pittsburgh will open up the LCS vs the upstart #9 seeded NY Mets.
Pirates win series 3-2

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Round 2: Amazin’s (9) shock Reds (4) in 4 games

GAME 1 - Crosley Field
Cardwell vs Nolan
Mets 3, Reds
"Hang Glider

Ed_Charles-1968zUp 2-1 after 7 the Reds brought in Clay Carroll to replace a tiring Gary Nolan.  Kenny Boswell singled home Jerry Grote with 2 out to tie the game.  In the 9th, the Glider, Ed Charles singled home Buddy Harrelson to put the Amazin's up 3-2.  Cal Koonce set the Reds down in order by getting Tony Perez to fly to center then fanning Lee May and Johnny Bench to end it.  Kudos to Ron Taylor who pitched 2 2/3 scoreless innings in relief of starter Don Cardwell who threw 113 pitches by the 6th inning.
Mets lead series 1-0



Seaver vs Maloney
Reds 9, Mets 2
"Full of Maloney"

Cincy scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 2nd off of an ineffective Tom Seaver to roll to andJim_Maloney-1968d easy victory.  Tom, was not so terrific, in his 3 inning stint where he gave up 6 runs on 9 hits.  Reliever Alvin Jackson (3 runs in 5 innings) did little to inspire confidence as well.  On the other hand Jim Maloney fanned 6 and gave up just 1 earned run in 8 innings before handing the ball off to Davidson to end it.  Six Red batters had 2 hits.  Alex Johnson was the only Red regular not to get a hit.  Pete Rose, Tommy Helms and Johnny Bench each had 2 RBI's.  Lee May, Bench and Rose added homers
Series tied 1-1

GAME 3 - Shea Stadium
Arrigo vs Koosman
Mets 5, Reds 2

Jerry_Koosman-1968Rookie Jerry Koosman's solo blast in the 7th started off a 3 run rally to give the Amazin's a huge victory in Flushing.  Besides his long ball prowess Mr. Koosman found a way to add a complete game victory to his arsenal.  Kooz frustrated the Reds all day by allowing 11 baserunners but never breaking or allowing the big inning.  Five Met batters, including Koosman, all knocked in a run in a collaborative group effort.
Mets lead series 2-1



Culver vs McAndrew
Mets 5, Reds 0
"St. (Mc)Andrews"

If Koosman's victory last night was a beacon of light, McAndrew's performance today wasJim_McAndrew-1968c light out.  Other than a seeing eyed single, by his opposing numer (Culver), with 2 out in the bottom of the 3rd Jim McAndrew was flat out stingy.  Cincy only had once baserunner all day long.  While McAndrew wasn't flashy or electric (3 k's), his pitches kept the Reds big hitters off stride all day long.  New York jumped out to a 2-0 lead with two in the bottom of the first.  Four singles in a row culminated in Ed Kranepool driving home Boswell to make it 1-0.  Harrelson's squeeze play brought in Stahl and the Amazin's never looked back.  A solo run in the 7th on a Harrelson single and two more in the 8th made the Met lead that much more insurmountable.  With McAndrew cruising along the Amazin's upset the Reds and head to the NLCS.
Mets win series 3-1

Round 1: Tribe outlast A’s…Tiant flirts with No-No in clincher

Duke_Sims-1968zGame 1 saw Catfish Hunter chased in the bottom of the third with two outs after allowing six hits and three runs.  Cleveland scored only one more time but it was in the bottom of the 9th for a walk-off win. It was apparent that Jack Aker was struggling but he had recorded two outs with a runner on 2nd when Reggie Jackson's error allowed the runner on 2nd to march home.  For Reggie it was only a sign of what was to come as he went 2 for 21 with 9 Ks. The tribe scored twice in the first inning and another in the bottom of the second. Threatening to score again in the third, Diego Segui came in to shut down the inning.  Duke Sims had 3 hits on the day and Lee Maye collected 2.
Editor’s Note:  Orion Bell sent this message to me after completing the writeup for game 1.  Let’s all wish him a speedy recovery from his back and shoulder surgeries.  “Marc - I will send the boxes now but the remainder of the story tomorrow. My neck and shoulder are killing me.”

Nash vs McDowell
A's 2, Indians 1

Jim Nash outdueled Sudden Sam.  He fanned 7 without walking a batter.  In comparison,Jim_Nash-1968d Sudden Sam fanned 6, but walked 3.  Cleveland broke the ice with a solo run in the second when Max Alvis singled, stole second and scored on a Chico Salmon RBI single.  Jim Pagliaroni's two out double in the 4th scored Dick Green and evened the game up a 1-1.  Oakland took the lead in the 6th thanks to an erro by Salmon at second, which turned into a stolen base by Rick Monday and an RBI single by Dick Green.  Nash, who was in the zone, needed just that one run to lock down the win.
Series tied 1-1

GAME 3 - Oakland Coliseum
Siebert vs Dobson
A's 4, Indians 3

John_Donaldson-1968zAfter the Tribe scored two in the top of the 6th to tie the game up at 3-3 the bullpens took over and dominated.  Neither team scored over the final 3 1/2 innings, so the game went to extras.  In the bottom of the 11th the A's got to reliever Romo when Sal Bando singled with one out and stole second.  Rick Monday followed with a walk, but Dick Green lined one back to the box for the second out of the inning.  Pinch hitter John Donaldson lined one through the originator to win the game and give the A's a series lead.
A's lead series 2-1


S.Williams vs Odom
Indians 7, A's 5

John "Blue Moon" Odom was marginal (4 runs in 5 innings), but reliever Jack Aker (3Jose_Cardenal-1968c runs in 1 inning) was abysmal.  Those two combined to dig the A's a 7-1 hole that they could never climb out of despite a 4 run 8th inning that made the final score look close.  Tribe lead off man Jose Cardenal (3-5) scored 2 runs and knocked in 1.  Tony Horton, Duke Sims and Larry Brown each knocked in 2.  Starter Stan Williams was 2 for 4 at the plate and gave up just 1 earned run in 7 innings on the bump.
Series tied 2-2

GAME 5 - Municipal Stadium
Hunter vs Tiant
Indians 4, A's 0

Luis_Tiant-1968zOakland blew a golden opportunity to close the Indians out in game 4.  Game 5 saw the series venue shift back east to the "Mistake by the Lake", which gave the Tribe a huge home field advantage.  Having Luis Tiant on the mound gave them an insurmountable advantage.  Oakland starter Jim "Catfish" Hunter proved not to be "El Tiante's" equal surviving just 5 innings and allowing 4 runs.  El Tiante was locked an loaded and in the process of throwing a complete game 1 hit shutout, while fanning 11.  Those 4 runs that the Tribe scored for him must have felt like a 4 touchdown lead.  The only suspense on the day would be if Tiant could pitch an no-hitter.  That suspense ended with 2 out in the 9th when pinch hitter Keough lined the first pitch that he saw up the middle for a clean single.  Tiant quickly dispatched Danny Cater for the final out by striking him out with a hook on the corner.
Indians win series 3-2

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Round 1: Bucs (6) upset Cubbies (3) in 4

GAME 1 - Wrigley Field
Veale vs Jenkins
Pirates 3, Cubs 1

Two runs in the top of the 6th on RBI singles by Roberto Clemente and Donn Clendenon gave the Bucs a 2-1 lead.  Bill Mazeroski's two out single in the 8th gave the Bucs an insurance run they wouldn't have to call on.  Bob Veale did a great job in 7 2/3 innings, allowing just 1 run and fanning 5.  Ron Kline got the final 4 outs with a perfect effort.  Fergie Jenkins went the distance and fanned 9, but the 3 runs that he gave up proved too much for the Cub offense to overcome.
Pirates lead series 1-0

Blass vs Hands
Cubs 7, Pirates 2

Chicago evened the score behind a solid complete game effort from Bill Hands, who struck out 6 and allowed just 2 runs on 6 hits.  Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, was a perfect 3 for 3 with 3 RBI's.  Ron Santo chipped in 2 RBI's.  Clemente hit a homer for the Bucs in a game that was never really close thanks to the Cubbies jumping out to a 4-0 lead after 3 innings.
Series tied 1-1

GAME 3 - Forbes Field
Holtzman vs Moose
Pirates 2, Cubs 1

A 2 out Maury Wills double in the bottom of the 1st scored Freddie Patek to give the Bucs a 1-0 lead.  A single by hurler Kenny Holtzman in the 5th tied it up.  Chicago had a chance to have a big inning but catcher Randy Hundley was gunned down at third trying to take the extra base.  Don Kessinger ended the inning with a 6-4-3 DP.  This would loom large because the Bucs would score the go ahead run on a Willie Stargell sac fly in the 6th to make it 2-1.  Buc starter Bob Moose was done after 6 inning of barely avoiding calamity.  Luke Walker did a wonderful job with scoreless relief over the next 2 1/3 innings before yielding to Ron Kline for the final 2 outs in the 9th.
Pirates lead series 2-1

Niekro vs Ellis
Pirates 4, Cubs 3

Things looked good after the Cubs exploded for 3 runs off of Dock Ellis in the top of the 4th to take the lead 3-2.  Ellis' leash was short and so was his time on the bump.  Relievers Tommie Sisk, Elroy Face and Ron Kline (had 3 saves in the series) combined to shutout the Cubbies the rest of the way (5 innings).  Couple that with Pitsburgh's 2 run in the bottom of the 4th to supply a 1 run lead and you have a Pirate team that held on to win and upset the Cubs in this short series.  Matty Alou's one out RBI single scored Ellis and Maury Wills for what would be the eventual winning run.
Pirates win series 3-1

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Round 1: Motown defeats Chi-town 3 games to 1

Game 1  - Tiger Stadium
Don Wert drives in 2 with a squeeze bunt and a homer.  Denny McLain goes the distance  Tigers 4  White Sox 2
Tigers lead series 1-0 

Game 2  
Earl Wilson hits a home run but needs relief help in the 9th 
Tigers 3  White Sox 2
Tigers lead series 2-0 

Game 3  - Comiskey Park
Tiger bullpen collapses in the bottom of the 9th.  Duane Josephson triples home 2 in 3 run 9th.  Tigers manage only two runs on homers by Dick Tracewski and Norm Cash  
White Sox 3  Tigers 2
Tigers lead series 2-1 

Game 4  
Game 1 starter Tommy John gives up 5 runs in the top of the 1st.  When Tiger starter Pat Dobson walks in a run in bottom of the 5th, he Is followed by a procession of Tiger relievers.  They manage to hold off the Pale Hose   
Tigers 6  White Sox 4
Tigers win series 3-1 

--submitted by Tom "Crash" Davis--