Saturday, December 1, 2012

ALCS GAME 1: "Striking Oyl"

Game 1 - Tiger Stadium
Fritz Peterson vs Hank Aguire
The series got off to a sloppy start with the Tigers and Yanks committing 2 errors apiece.  Detroit picked up where they left off from the first 2 rounds as their offense continued to blast opposing pitchers, this time to the tune of 18 hits, with 2 HR's by Norm Cash, who has been on fire throughout tourney.  Defensive whiz Ray Oyler went 4-5, including 2 doubles and a triple.  Detroit starter Hank Aguirre pitched 6 ok innings for the win.  Yankee pitcher Fritz Peterson, who gave up 7 runs in 5 innings, denied he was distracted by Mike Kekich's wife, saying "I have no idea what you are talking about, I actually had my eye on that Australian bikini model in row 1".  Detroit 13-2
Tigers lead series 1-0
--submitted by Jack Mudd--

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